Turning Your Failing Business Around

With the economy of today there are many businesses that have seen the signs that there business is bound to fail if they don’t turn things around in a hurry. If you are in a quandary about what to do next you are not alone. Many in the same situation are wondering the exact same thing.

Some see the impending failure as inevitable while others are willing to accept the challenge and this is the way it has always been. The great depression of the 30s is a indicator of what can be accomplished when the chips are down. Many business failed and people actually took their lives because of their failing financial situations. Yet amidst the turmoil there were those that prospered and flourished. They amassed great fortunes with start up business in the middle of all the confusion.

After all what is a business? It is sales. The more sales you make the more money you take in. As long as the sales you make don’t cost more money than you get you’re in business. All you have to worry about then is the overhead. So to have a successful business you need to make enough sales to cover the overhead.

You have two ways of increasing your sales:

1. Increase the number of people to sell to
2. Increase the conversion rate of the customers you have

In an ideal world you would be able to accomplish both, but most of us don’t live in an ideal world. Since increasing the number of customers you have is not an easy prospect let’s consider your other option. Let’s try to convert more of the prospects you do have into paying customers.

Converting prospects into paying customers usually only means satisfying their need to solve a problem. When you can prove to them that what you are selling does this, then you have made a sale. I know that sounds awfully simple, but when you think about it, it is the truth.

It is in proving it that most businesses that are failing, fail. These businesses don’t understand how to get their prospects emotionally involved enough to make the purchase. This is where a professional copywriter comes into play. They simply know how to prime the prospect so they are ready to buy. It is with their words and imagery that they get the person to know that this is the solution they have been looking for and that it is the only product out there that will solve their problem.

If you have a business that is showing signs of failure then you need to start looking at ways to turn it around. Having someone write effective sales copy might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Optimizing a Website Using the Right Reporting Tools

If you are attempting to learn which of the marketing initiatives is leading to conversions and traffic, you might want to look at the availability of the online performance tools like Google Analytics. A high-quality reporting tool makes it easier to concentrate the marketing efforts on the more important areas that are likely to result in the best return on investment.

Google Analytics offers a perfect resource for monitoring all-types of websites. If you are running an e-commerce site, you have the opportunity to monitor specific data related to user interaction on the website, which might relate to specific actionable methods to increase sales, how visitors are navigating the site, and date related to items purchased. If you have a situation of shoppers abandoning the shopping cart mid way through a shop, you are able to use the stored data to established with pages might be causing the problems. A specific page can easily be changed or updated in an attempt to increase sales or conversions.

Tracking information offered by Google Analytics is wide-ranging and includes basic information for all pages, including:

Bounce rate: Use this data to see which pages seem to be receiving the higher bounce rates. Adjustments can now be made to those pages in the hope of improving on the performance.

Exit Pages: Get a complete ideal of which pages a visitor is more likely to leave the website. For instance if the highest rated exit page is a sign-up newsletter page that features as a standard part of the check out process, it might be necessary to make some chances to that page. Moving the sign-up box elsewhere on the website might be more beneficial.

Conversion rate: By referring to the data on the conversion page you are able to monitor the marketing efforts to establish which promotional strategies are working most effectively.

Social media data: You can use the social media information to see which pages are shard and most popular. This should give a great indicator of the listed products that should be promoted more heavily.

Device used: If you start to notice a high volume of traffic coming from the mobile devices, you might want to look at developing a dedicated app or mobile site.

Income per keyword/page: A further quality of the tracking tools is to see which keywords and pages are turning into successful sales. With a list of buyer keywords you are able to target those more aggressively in the hope of further increasing the sales.

By taking the necessary action to monitor the most successful pages and inventory, it is that much easier for a company to continue to promote the most successful pages and products available on the e-commerce websites.

Ad Tracking, The Fruit of the Site Promotion Labor

Thanks for coming down. Today I would like to talk to you about a very powerful tool which is known to most internet marketers as an ad tracker. Ad tracking is one of the most useful products because it enables its user to keep track of where their visitors are coming from both on the internet and physical location. The ability to know what time of day your visitors are coming to your site is valuable because you can put out different promotions during peak traffic times throughout the day. If you can target your visitors to a particular time of day and have a different promotion per time, I would consider you a talented marketer and/or web master.

It is also important to track your advertisements because it can help qualify your targeted traffic by making sure it’s coming from particular countries you might be selling your product to and/or sites with related content. By being able to track visitors IP addresses you will detect usually their home country,state and/or city. You can qualify traffic this way by removing countries that are not on your sales preferred locations. There is also the referring website feature which tells you where your visitor came from prior to visiting your site. This would enable you to keep track of your back links and or abstract advertising that may not be compatible with your website anymore.

For example, you can go to the website that your visitor came from to see which link they clicked on back to your site. If your link ends up on a site that does not have anything to do with your own website content you might as well drop that ad and reinvest that money to an ad on a site that is related to yours. this is because you can better qualify the traffic if it is coming from a site that has content related to your. Targeted traffic is good but qualified and targeted traffic is better. The more qualified the visitor the more likely that visitor may become a buyer. The first thing to do to qualify your visitors is track your advertising.

It is interesting that the targeting of traffic could get more in-depth through social media because we are now able to qualify traffic per the user’s name. In addition information that these users provide such as yearly income, family size, education, work experience, ability and more can be used to promote products particular to the users needs, wants, and desires. It is becoming easier to generate very qualified traffic through social media and article marketing so it is very important that you track where these visitors are coming from so you can see the fruits of your labor.

Source of Site Traffic That Can Help You Get Past Google

Are you willing to invest in a more long-term and reliable organic traffic source for your website? Then let’s look at a search engine that can assist you in increasing your traffic.

Interview an Influencer or Get Interviewed by a High-traffic Website

Have you heard of Tim Ferriss, the author of the Four-Hour Work Week?

His podcast is nowadays a staple content type that he provides to his viewers. Tim’s show has world-class performers who share their insights on a variety of topics, and he is well-liked on social media. Do Tim’s fans enjoy the show? So far, the show has received over 50 million downloads. On most days, it’s the most popular business podcast on iTunes.

Interviews, whether on video or audio, are inherently conversational, lively, and engaging. The great aspect is that it’s a win-win situation for both sides. The interviewer is exposed to a new audience, while the interviewee is able to provide his website visitors with new fascinating and authoritative information. You can ask an industry influencer to share your interview with their followers on social media if you interview them. Consider the organic traffic you’ll get from their social media followers, which number in the hundreds of thousands. Consider the level of interest generated by a prior Derek Sivers interview on the Tim Ferriss Show. Derek shared the show’s URL with his 283K followers on Twitter. It won’t hurt if you establish a relationship with the influencer as a result of the interview.

Similarly, being interviewed by a high-ranking website can result in a significant increase in search engine traffic. Harsh Agrawal’s blog, Shoutmeloud, received 35,000+ views in a single day after he was profiled by YourStory. That was the blog’s most popular search engine traffic source (with 600,000+ monthly visitors). Because interviews provide consolidated value, they can be used as a long-term lead generating source for your company. Consider how many bloggers you’ve learned about through interviews on YouTube and other high-authority websites.

You may also conduct a Reddit AMA if you have a very compelling storey to tell. Mateen’s AMA got about generating $85,000 in profit by selling TeeSpring shirts/hoodies received 2000 page views. He also boosted the number of visitors to his website on a daily basis.

By registering as a source with HARO, you can also answer queries from journalists. On HARO, Christopher from Snappa came across this question from Inc Magazine about the future of content marketing. He swiftly responded with a thorough response. He was mentioned in Inc a few weeks later as a result of this. HARO is an excellent strategy to have your brand mentioned on authoritative news sites such as Entrepreneur and Inc. Those backlinks will enhance your search engine traffic and increase your marketing strategy by improving your reputation in Google’s eyes. Contact an SEO agency to find out how you can do this and how they can manage it for you while you work on the bottom line of your business.